Time To Teach Your Competitors a Lesson?

Quick Fixing is a Fragile Strategy. Just Don't

Learning is Very Different From Being Informed

Time To Teach Your Competitors a Lesson?


You can remove the costly performance blockers that companies have not yet been able to deal with, so far. Reseach proves that companies do not apply essential knowledge correctly and end up worse off, when attempting to move forward with ambitions. It's up to you, to change that.


In IFAK we are teachers, not consultants. We APPLY knowledge - Hence our name. We don't give advice and hope for the best. We transfer knowledge from proven and valid sources to you and your crew. We believe, and we can prove, applied knowledge is the only way to stand out. We operate on the basis of research and facts. Not just ideas or "concepts". Because the latter is proven, time and time again, to not work.


Hence we will not simplify, if things are not simple. Honestly: It is not simple to run a company. You know well, perhaps from own experience, that easy comes, easy goes, IFAK is for you, if you are truly ambitious.


We show you and your crew how to build competitive advantage yourselves and how to keep it. We likely kill consultancy hypes along the way and we work with your company's facts and your real goals and market environment only. Everything we do is taylor made to your company. We weed out costs for consultancy services and we break down the knowledge silos among departments and employees.


IFAK offers the longer and harder road, compared to most others. IFAK is for those, who know that the low part of the fence is crowded and risky. Likely you are tired of quick fixes. It's often so that your crew is too. You want you and your crew to stand out as a true professionals, when you work. Evasions are costly, as you know.


IFAK teachers have a track record in business and we served time in the field ourselves. We are good at what we do and we can prove it with facts, figures and references. Kindly note that being good at something doesn't automatically make a person able to transfer skills to others. If you don't want to work with us, we kindly ask you to test your alternative choice for knowledge about learning. It's important for the outcome.


By intention we don't write about our integrity and that "we want to be our customers' first choice" in our marketing materials. We find it rather silly to think, anyone would run a business aiming to be second choice or lower for any deal. Stating the obviuos never made anyone wiser. Neither do we call you a "client", - since you are not sick.


Almost anyone can create a web site with promises. We should therefore meet and discuss when you think it's time to teach someone a lesson. For example your competitors. That will enable you to judge, whether IFAK is relevant for you.