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 at Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport

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Institute For Applied Knowledge together with non-profit organization MyFuture, have built and tested a solution for a new approach to HR and Marketing. In this set up we create solid roots for motivated and skillful youth and future leaders and at the same time we provide companies with new and unique opportunities for direct access to the talent pool, market DNA and market intelligence. 


The event is, moreover, a great opportunity to meet other company leaders, facing the same challenges as you. You will meet and hear recognized experts' take on the implications of recent global economic change and for you to discuss your company specific opportunities with The Team around Future Entrepreneurs projects and learn how the program can assist you in:


  • Crack the blockers of conventional communication channels

  • Get direct access to carefully selected talent pools

  • Understand and learn about employee´s behavior and job selection criteria

  • Market the company through working together and building trust, IE: "be good and get credit for it"

  • Gather new business ideas.

  • Support company's image through CSR atmosphere with a commercial spin off.


Future Entrepreneurs of Poland is supported by EU under the educational program ERASMUS+ and tested with excellent feedback in a Pilot Project Batch in April 2018 in Poland. 


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Klaus Parmo holds extensive international work experience within the financial sector. From working in Europe in management positions for ARLA and others up to 2010 he has also studied Polish and Ukrainian business conduct at high levels. Klaus Parmo will share important personnal insights about business in international markets. 

CFO and member of the Executive Board at Mark Information A/S

Klaus Parmo Jensen

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For over 20 years Lindberg International has conducted research and market intelligence projects abroad for leading Danish companies. Michael Lindberg will present a possible “action plan” and “how to” for companies with either existing activities on Poland or market seeking ambitions. 

Owner of Lindberg International A/S

Michael Lindberg

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Professor Rasmussen is the undisputed No 1 capacity on Polish affairs in Denmark. Known from frequent TV appearances and decades of recognized papers and reports on Poland. He will address the current development in Poland and the implications for DK PL relations. It will be made very clear why this must have top level attention in Danish companies.  

Professor Emeritus, SDU

Svend Gottschalk Rasmussen


Natalia Rozanska

Founder of My Future

Natalia Rozanska Msc. Global Innovation Mgnt, lived in Denmark for 8 years and has a track record from L’Orel and as a teacher for IFAK in Foreign Trade. Rozanska is Polish partner in the Future Entrepreneurs of Poland concept.

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Carsten Thornhøj

Co-Founder of Institute For Applied Knowledge

Carsten Thornhøj, HA HD(A) MBA has extensive business experience with significant results during +25 years in the BtB as well as BtC in top management and in boards as member and chairman. Carsten is the Danish partner in the Future Entrepreneurs of Poland concept. 

” Soft skills are difficult to imitate and hence are a cornerstone in sustained profitability”




8:30-9:00 Registration and Check in

9:00-9-20 Host welcome. What is Future Entrepreneurs about and how does it help companies?


09.20-09.40 Professor Gottschalk Rasmussen – Current Situation in Poland. Selected inputs for the panel talks at 11:30

09.40-10.10 Klaus Parmo shares personal experiences from Poland & Ukraine including important insights on Polish and Danish HRM & Business conduct.

10.10-10.40 Michael Lindberg opens new insights for quality international market research processes. 

10.40-11.00 My Future founder, Natalia Rozanska, presents Future Entrepreneurs' initiatives and the built in value creation for companies  

11.00-12.00 Panel discussion & Q&A

12.15-13.00 Networking option



The New Balance In International Business.

Why is it Important?

How to Learn

How to Grow


Clocal Mindset?

The Teflon 

How to Deal with Todays Rejections of Conventional Marketing Messages


The Mission And Vision of

MY Future

CSR with Commercial Spin Off