Developing of Mindsets

As opposed to common belief, especially in the consulting industry, it is not possible do grow a (global) mindset through short time interventions. You can go to our DOWNLOADS page and get the CLC report, to see what it really takes.

Peter Jarvis and other frontrunners in learning and behavioral research have argued this for decades. Also in Denmark research has shown that courses, for example on Cross Culture, has a quite low impact. This can perhaps not be surprising, since most business training, offered in conventional ways, doesn't work. American research points to maximum some 10% of all training programs create value. IE: +160million USD wasted pr. year.

This costly inefficiency is why Future Entrepreneurs Workshops are directed at a younger audience than traditional training and often apply non-conventional methods. It makes, of course, more sense to equip graduates with the essential skills BEFORE entering the workplace, than to let companies struggle in vain.

Research shows that companies generally rate the skills of employees significantly lower than what is required to perform in the job. 


This is obviously because employees cannot know the requirements before getting the job. We see this as lack of "learning by doing". Companies therefore often hire for skills and fire because of attitudes.


The Future Entrepreneur Workshops are directed towards 16-18 yo with a desire to learn. Participants at the workshop go through a selection process to enroll for training of essential skills.


It works well: