The Teflon

Being the case challenge provider in Future Entrepreneurs Workshops allows for a presentation of companies towards highly interesting target groups. Through the workshop format a sponsor has an opportunity to have several days interaction with the potential consumer (or related to one) with personalized approach on any given next business challenge. 

























Efficiency is established by presenting the company, through case competition challenges, in a positive way and avoiding the well-known problems of in today’s shut down communication channels. IE: not watching TV, not reading newspapers and rejecting commercial messages in social media etc.

How so?

The quality requirements for being enrolled as a participant in a FEP workshop ensures a selection of trend setters and opinion leaders significantly above average. Participants will perceive the company as interesting and will, as a side effect, learn the strong side of the company and its offerings thoroughly.


Because of the high popularity of the FEP workshop and its support from the families and authorities in general, we offer the possibility to utilize strong ambassador effects.










Secondly, the one-week workshop offers the possibility for a much deeper understanding of the DNA in the market from HR perspective.

FEP tools, included in the concept, provide structured input for HR strategy forming and, on request, more explorative options as well. We do that based on our strong insights in Cross Culture research and years of experience in the field of management and leadership. The unique combination of skills, local insights and quality is research instruments is not yet available elsewhere.


With the Future Entrepreneurs Workshops, we believe, we have a solution to minimize and even prevent damage from several severe HR and marketing challenges of today.

Trust in Information Channels

Reference group has up to 3 times the credibility of other communication channels

- And going up…..