Carsten Thornhøj


Carsten Thornhøj has built a career in business through 25+ years. He has worked in line and in staff functions including C-suite level in well-known international companies. For example Philips and Konica Minolta with P/L responsibility.

He has developed brands for blumoller like the Neutral Series as well as Happy Star for GASA in FMCG and in BtB environments.

Under his management Konica/Minolta DK became the first Minolta subsidiary in the world to reach number one position in the local market. He has built and implemented best practices for Philips Europe in business conduct and pricing systems.


Currently Carsten is heading the boards of a few selected companies and is co-founder and active partner in Institute for Applied Knowledge, IFAK. IFAK founded, in 2014, Luna BRAZIL dealing with internationalizing of companies in energy, oil & gas and healthcare technology.


For the last 6 years Carsten has focused on a teaching path to pass on some of the skills, he believes, he acquired over the years. He has built programmes in International Management, Global Economics, SCM and Knowledge Science that have been evaluated as best of its kind.


He has conducted training sessions for global companies like Maersk and Widex. He was selected at best teacher at CPHB’s ISMM bachelor program in 2013 and later scored the first 100% satisfaction score at academy’s part time program for International Marketing Management. His one week long course in foreign trade, running in Lyngby twice a year, scores 96-98% satisfaction. For MIddlesex University/NBE he conducts MBA taching in Marketing Managemnt and International Leadership. His course in marketing management was rated the best in students evaluation in 2014.


Carsten, born in 1962, holds an MBA degree from Syddansk University 2008 and a BA degree in economics plus a diploma in Marketing HD(A) From the same place. He is a certified BELBIN team coach and completed extensive courses in psychotherapy for leadership use at Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia. 


Feel free to contact Carsten by email: cath(AT) or by Mobile Phone +45 40444201