Optimizing Performance Doesn't Optimize a Lot

Often the search for excellence in any department or by any individual leads to suboptimizing. This is natural since most individual and departments have KPI's to reach for. Sometimes, of course, linked to pay and reward.

When this is not handled well, the marketing department optimizes marketing, logistics do the same for logistics as well as finance for finance. Risk is, you make a perfect garlic mayonaise for your wonderful strawberry pie, or the whipped cream lands on the edge of the slice. Customers do not value that. On top of the silo thinking, many "solutions", available in the consultancy market, nurtures ugly and time consuming power struggels and endless fights for funding.

Truth is like this:

Man kind can only relate to what we understand. What we understand,

we can feel sympathy for. What we sympazthise with, we will support.


It's that simple!


Our mission


IFAK removes the existing blockers of performance in your company.


These blockers have existed in business for decades.


…….and have not yet taken enough care of, as presented in the Worlds largest* and most comprehensive study on the future of cross functional Marketing and Business Development.


Blockers are often: Personal Ambitions, Fear of failure, Silo thinking and dysfunctional goal setting combined with obsolete rewarding systems.


We educate the company on the basic drivers of growth: Point of Difference, Socialization, Need/Want/Demand Structure, Market Intelligence, Knowledge creation, - containing and - sharing, to name a few.


*) The New Marketing Machine , HBR 2014




IFAK Vision


We want your company to be able to make much better decisions. Faster and therefore cheaper.


We want to create atmospheres of mutual understanding of goals and targets. We want to compensate for inefficient allocation of ressoruces and bad performance towards customers, suppliers and market trends due to lack of skills.


By way of applying knowledge across functions, we work to remove the basic blockers of performance that today’s CEOs and Marketing/Strategy managers are batteling in the search for sustainable growth.


Value proposition:


The customer’s crew will get to know ”Not WHAT to think, but HOW to think, about the market opportunities and HOW to ACT on them”.