IFAK & My Future II: The Do More Joint Venture

Social entrepreneurs are visionaries who try to bring positive change in the society by practically applying their social entrepreneurship ideas and strategies to resolve social problems in the society. However, based on research there are many challenges, which Poland faces with development of more social entrepreneurship initiatives. Those challenges include lack of skills and good leaders, lack of knowledge about acquiring funding and organisational aspects (including EU funding as well as sponsorship from companies), lack of knowledge about social capital, lack of networking skills. To be able to bring positive change to this challenge My Future, guided by IFAK, builds "DO MORE of what matters -training program for volunteers".

The main objective of the program is: to increase the amount of social entrepreneurs, volunteers and the level of positive influence of initiatives implemented by them.

The sub objectives of the project are:
a) increase of the quality of teaching methods of the soft skills among youth
b) increase knowledge among youth about volunteering opportunities
c) increase in number of volunteers
d) increase the cooperation between schools and NGO
e) increase the quality of volunteer training by innovative "learning by doing" approach

There are quite a few people who would like to volunteer, but do not have the necessary skills for it. This statement is confirmed by experience of the partners- We have conducted a survey in the previous project where 75% of the respondents said "Yes, I would like to become volunteer." and 20% said "Maybe Yes". Trough further qualitative interviews it was clear that the youth would like to take part in necessary recruitment process and training to become volunteers and social entrepreneurs. The interviewed youth (In Radom district of Poland) have very low knowledge of social capital and social entrepreneurship as well as insight to what are the skills of volunteering and how to be the project manager of a social initiative.

However they are very eager to allocate time to bring positive change in the society. Those statistics and evidence made the partners realised that "DO MORE of what matters -training program for volunteers" is a good start to enable a more "social entrepreneuring spirit" among young people.

Training will include a theoretical part, which will explain the basic principals of Social Capital, Networking, Bridging and Bonding, the importance of Soft skills importance etc. After the theoretical part all the acquired knowledge will be conveyed trough practicaland non convetinal teaching - so the youth can co-organise the social initiatives as for example  "Entrepreneurial workshops" for their younger peers. This approach of training will also allow to sustain the strateguy of My Future. Youth, who took part in training at FEP will be encouraged to organise social initiatives and will recruit more people and to thereby become social entrepreneurs. - this "youth to youth model" is very well known in Denmark and other countries and Poland can benefit from implementing  this approach.

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for youth


Topic: Entrepreneurial learning - entrepreneurship education


Start: 01-09-2019 - End: 28-2-2021

Project Reference: 2019-1-PL01-KA205-063340