Choosing the Road to Rome

Ready to benefit from education instead of old school consulting?
The next important choice is the decision between:


1.General Education. Programs from (well respected) schools. Typically MBA, Diplomas or similar.

2.Company specific and tailor made education. For example the IFAK appraoch.


This choice has been discussed a lot. There is no simple answer. International leading expert, in this area, is Dr. Edward P. Lazear, professor, author and former advisor for the US government.

He draws the attention to the choice like this: For the company it is better to opt for company specific education, since it is more difficult for the employee to utilize acquired skills outside of the company later on. Company specific education is the solution to the fear of “educating for the competition”.

This problem is often in mind, when employee demands further education of a general nature to improve own market value. In such scenarios the company is uncertain about the loyalty of the employee after the exam. This concern is relevant as the poachers from outside can use the money, they did not pay for the general education for a sign on fee and similar to motivate the employee to switch job.

Hence, general education can, all things being equal, be said to make the company more vulnerable to poachers.


It's important to mention that general education has never hurt anyone! Any type of education is better than none. Those who claim, there is a difference between theory and pratice are wrong. It is more likely, they didn't yet meet a good teacher.


Everything, IFAK delivers, is individually built and taylor made for the company. Trying to fit your company to Procrutes' bed or any "winning concept" is against all odd's to succeed. Because vast majorty of all profits come from intra industry and/or intra company effects. Famous researchers like Rummelt, Michael Porter and many others have come to this conclusion for the last 30 years.


IFAK crew has been working with sales, marketing and communications, here and abroard. Hands on. We have launched brands, and we have built portfolios in BtB as well as BtC.


IFAK crew has sales skills. From the field. We handle any senior sales manager or VP with utmost respect. We know the job out there in the field. It is not an easy one.


In finance and accounting, we have served for years. With the hands on skills and the exams and accreditations needed in this field.


One fact is often better than 1000 opinions.

Since around 1995, where the attention was brought to knowledge sharing as a secret sauce for competitive advantage, we have seen a lot of attempts to build ICT structures, intranets and, lately, also internet communities on social media. With bad or no results. 



Leadership and management approaches have alwys been discussed a lot all over the business world. Those, who knows little about leadership says there's a new important concept around these days labeled "Change Management". This is old wine in new bottles.


Any invention from a leader/manager is done to change something that would not happen by itself. The wheel has already been invented.

CSR is a proliferated term. It has no dedicated father in organization. Therefore it is important to be careful. If you have appointed a VP for CSR, this employee will tell you, it's a difficult job.


We suggest a skilfull approach. If you opt for that, there's a lot of synergies to collect for free. In branding, as well as in recruiting and motivation of your crew.