The IFAK Approach

Being a good cyclist oneself, doesn't automatically make the person good at teaching others to ride. Not any sales guy is a good sales manager either, once promoted. Research proved this, thoughout many years.

The Old School consultant's approach will therefore minimize return on participation a lot. This is a problem for your company's overall productivity.

With IFAK you minimize the total investment, compared to many others. Because we work with the real issues and the real facts only. You learn on the job. We taylor everything to you, instead of fitting to some concept that may have worked elsewhere. Because research proves that this give the best ROI.


The IFAK point of difference:

Transfering skills into the toolbox of others is very different from informing about what to do and why. Pep talk and being adviced is sometimes entertaining and always inefficient. That is not where competitive power comes from. The costly part of growing your crew is the time your employees are spending away from work. Therefore this is important to pay attention to.


Please consider that to feel proud, you must accheive something, you didn't initially think you could do. If you only get to master what "any moron could do as well", pride cannot exist in your mind. Pride is proven to be the best motivator and the best enabler of "walking the extra mile". Real teachers know this and they can spot the indvidual potentials quite precicely. They act on it as well.



IFAK scores evauations of close to 100% by participants. We don't like 100% as a target, because it would reveal that we pushed too little and we could have delived more value for your money. We like 95-99% better. Having felt good and enjoyed the lunch is not a proxy for how much you learned. We call that "edutainment" and it is worth very little for competitive skills.