Peter Steen


Peter Steen Christensen is a State-Authorized Public Accountant with focus on Business and Investment. Peters motivation is helping others achieving their objectives.

Peter has worked in the area of economics, management, investments and corporate services for more than 20 years. This includes 10 years+ as a State-Authorized Public Accountant and partner of a medium sized accounting firm.

Peter Steen is presently active as CEO of a listed Danish company, with international subsidiaries as well as participating in trusted board positions.

His activities are structured in the Audit Firm, Excell Revision / Peter Steen - Stateauthorized Public Accountant and the parent company Peter Steen Christensen Ltd, which holds interest in several other activities, for example Excell Corporate Services Ltd.

Peter Streens main focus and big interest is focused on what drives businesses forward. The mission, whereever teamed up, is supporting customers’ perception of this.

Peter Steen holds a M Sc.Business degree and an MBA degree, 2009, from the E-MBA program at Copenhagen Business School.


Feel free to contact Peter trough: or Mobile Phone +45 23705885