"Why does ”Change Management” seem so attractive to many?"

In Fairy tales we learn about heroes, saviors and, - in case they don’t work-, in most Hollywood movies, the cavalry will come to the rescue in the end. James Bond, Batman, John McClane, Hercules and many others are really cool to watch. And they do amazing jobs.


None of these are based on what research tells us can work in business. Business is not Hollywood.

Only you and your crew can do the job ahead. If you buy external help for growth or transformation of your company, you increase the risk of failure. Simply because largest part of a company’s profits is correlated with the industry in which it operates.

50% of your crew* will freeze due to fear of failure and your top performers will leave you once they see they are “alone” and too few on the job. This happens every time you involve pep talkers and performance culture “experts” and they start to mess with your crew.

IF you or your crew cannot make enough profits**, your employees are misplaced or they are not educated enough to find the path. “Change management” rubbish is only efficient if you do exactly that;….change the management (you!!)!....... and the successors start to educate instead of “changing”.

In plain words: You know your business better that any consultant and you (and your crew) will always stay ahead - because you are there every day. Consultants may not like this, but if the consultant really loves your industry so much and can bring better results than you and your crew, how come he/she doesn’t work there already or, at least, invest in your industry ?

* Leigh Thompson et al.

** Industry standard or more

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