We Do Not Believe in Consulting. We Transfer Skills.

It's not important how great a consultant is. It's about, how your crew adapt new skills. Do they get it and can they apply it, when the tough get's going.


There is loads of evidence available that playing with LEGO bricks and putting posters on walls is too difficult to translate to the real deal situation on Monday.


The fact is like this: What people understand, they can relate to. What they understand, they can sympatize with. What they feel sympathy for, they support. It's that simple!


Everything, IFAK delivers, is individually built and taylor made for the company. Trying to fit your company to Procrutes' bed or any "winning concept" is against all odd's to succeed. Because vast majorty of all profits come from intra industry and/or intra company effects.


We take pride in growing fruitful collaboration between technical, finance and commercial staff. We explain, on the basis of your real data and products, how to read the market and understand the customers. We make participants value the balanced investments in R&D, production, administation and branding. This comes though EVERYONE's understanding, why it makes sense, and why it means life or death, to offer someting special to the market, as a company. We make the traditional silos break down and, should it exist, mistrust between departments evaporate. Even skilled marketing people and CEO's will be enligtend by this.


We'd be happy to explain the link between "old school consulting", and the lack of results from it, in detail. Because if we make you study this, you will want to weed out a lot of our competitors all by yourself. Any day, at your office or at our place. Do not hesitate. It's a fair test on what we claim, we can do for your crew: We apply the knowledge about how to get support for things and grow competitive power. Live on stage for you and we prove our company's name is what we do and that it works.